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Please note that Tour Analytics only works for virtual tours that are equipped with TourDash and it is only available for the gold & platinum licenses. It is not applicable to virtual tours within Google Maps.
You can watch this short tutorial on how Tour Analytics works.

Please select the “Analytics” button to find all the statistics for the virtual tour.


Set time period
You first have to choose the time period you want to see statistics for. In the upper right hand corner of the screen there are two dates shown, by clicking them a calendar opens and you can select the dates for the desired time period.
After selecting the dates click on the green button to the right of the dates to refresh the data. Without pressing the green button the data shown will still be the data of the previously selected time period.
Tour views per day
The statistics shown under this category show all numbers that relate to the amount of visitors and the average time they spent in the virtual tour. All these statistics only pertain to the selected time period.


In the graph on the right side the “Tour views” and the “Unique tour views” per day are presented. “Unique tour views” is counting only the views by unique visitors, meaning that anyone who visits the virtual tour twice on a day will only be counted once. The number of “Unique tour views” is therefore always smaller or equal to the number of “Tour views”.
In the circles on the right side the “Total tour views” and the “Average tour viewing time” are shown. The “Total tour views shows” the total number of views for the selected time period. The “Average tour viewing time” shows the average time (in minutes) a visitor spent in the virtual tour.
Menu items clicked
This bar graph gives numbers about how many times each menu item from your virtual tour was selected. Again this pertains only to the selected time period.


Hotspots shown
This bar graph shows figures on how many times each boundary hotspot from your virtual tour was shown or a dynamic hotspot was clicked on. The hotspots are shown in an alphabetic order. Again this pertains only to the selected time period.
Hotspot links clicked
This table shows you a number of things. Per hotspot it shows you the link that is shown in the info-window (“Link”). “Hotspot shown” shows the number of times the hotspot was shown or clicked on. “Clicks” shows the number of times the link in the info-window was clicked on.  “CTR” shows the number of clicks divided by the number of times a hotspot was shown.

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