Tour Dash – Rotation

Rotation” enables a permanent spin when your virtual tour is not being used. This allows your visitors to realize that your virtual tour is more than just a single still image.
You can watch this short tutorial on how this feature works.

To get to the Editor click the green “Edit” button. If at any time you require help in the Editor itself you can press the “?” icon on the top left part of the screen.When on the “Edit” page you will find that the fifth option is the “Rotation” feature. 


Add Rotation
TourDash gives you the option to “Enable rotation” in your virtual tour. Simply put, this means that in any location your visitors will have a view with a gently spin. You can also set the rotation speed and direction.
There are three options concerning stopping the rotation:
1. “Stop rotation on tour hover”: This option enables you to have the rotation stop when a visitor hovers his cursor over the view of the virtual tour.
2. “Stop rotation on tour controls hover” (default): This option enables you to stop the rotation when a visitor either hovers his cursor over the advanced navigation menu or when he holds the left mouse button to manually change his view.
3. “Never stop rotation”
Click the green “Save” button to save your settings. 

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