Tour Dash – Advanced Navigation

With “Advanced Navigation” you can create menu items in your virtual tour.
You can watch this short tutorial on how this feature works.

To get to the Editor click the green “Edit” button. If at any time you require help in the Editor itself you can press the “?” icon on the top left part of the screen.
When on the “Edit” page you will find that the second option is the “Advanced Navigation” feature. With this feature you are able to name locations in the virtual tour. As you do so the names will become visible as index links in the virtual tour (on the left side of the screen).
Add menu items
By clicking the blue “Add menu item” button the current view and location of the virtual tour is saved. The newly created menu item is shown in the list of menu items under the name of “New Item” which is the default name for menu items before you name them yourself.


By clicking on the little pencil besides the item (named “New item”) you can activate the text box and this enables you to edit the name of the location.
There are two other icons to the right of pencil:
– The plus icon, which allows you to make a sub-menu item
– The bin icon, which allows you to delete the created menu item.
Add sub-menu items
The plus icon to the right of the menu item TourDash offers the option of attaching a sub-menu to the menu item. This way multiple items with a central theme can be organized together (for example, the menu item is “Rooms” and the sub-menu items show each a different type of room your hotel is offering).
By clicking on the plus icon the current view of the virtual tour is saved. The new sub-menu item is shown in the list of menu items under the name “New Item” as a sub-item of the menu item you have chosen to give a sub-menu. Sub-menu items can be identified as they are indented and because they lack a plus icon. Again the pencil icon enables you to name the sub-menu item and the bin icon allows you to remove it.
Please note that by deleting a menu item the connected sub-menu items are also deleted.
Manage menu items
In the design menu on the left side of the screen you can find all the menu and sub-menu items present in the virtual tour. If you want to change the order of the menu items you can simply drag the menu item to the preferred place in the list. Sub-menu items can be dragged to other (sub-)menu’s. If you have made a sub-menu item and wish to make it a menu item, simply drag your sub-menu item in place of the menu items.
Assign location
Every saved view linked to a menu or sub-menu item can be changed. Simply click on the name of the menu or sub-menu item and the view of the tour will jump to the location in question. If you want to change the view (your perspective) in the location you simply change it with the mouse. Do not use the arrow keys, because you can only change the view within your actual location.
Once arrived at the preferred new view you just click “Assign location” in the design menu. The location of the tour and the menu item associated will now use this view and location.
Visibility Advanced navigation in TourDash
In the design menu (on the left side) all the menu and sub-menu names are shown. The same contents and structure are also visible on the upper left side of the virtual tour (top side of the screenshot). Any changes you make in the design menu are directly visible in the upper left side of the virtual tour.
To save any changes you have made you can press the green “Save” button. If you want to return to the admin page of your virtual tour (and not lose any changes made) you can press “Save and exit”.
Manual – Advanced Navigation.pdf (400kb)

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